I have discovered that participating in outdoor activities can help to gain a better understanding of strengths and weaknesses. Any activity that requires endurance away from ‘civilisation’ can help to understand the body and mind.

Activities such as mountaineering, fell running, mountain biking can be put into the category of endurance activities. On reflection, the activity i recently planned proved to be a challenge too far.

The planned route started with an ascent to Chew reservoir (the second highest in England)

chew reservoir


From Chew I cycled an almost indiscernible “path” to Laddow Rocks, joining the pennine way route.



From there I cycled/walked along the valley path towards Black Hill. Just before the ‘flagged path’ leading up to Black Hill it seemed as if energy was being sapped from my body. Bearing in mind I had been navigating and travelling non stop for around two and a half hours. I rested, drank some water and was very happy that the path to Black Hill was very clear as the thought processes in my mind were ‘hazy”

I knew that when i reached Black Hill Trig point it would be downhill cycling. I also knew that most accidents happen on descents, so I rode a very cautious speed.

I took another rest at a beautiful brook, thinking I can’t carry my bike up and out of this valley.

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I did muster the strength of body and mind to get my bike up the slope and make it to the A635 and cycle a couple of miles back to my vehicle.

So what’s the moral of this adventure.  Get yourself an electric bike!


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