This blog post will outline the realities of a street knife attack and highlight the dangers

N.B. This post is not written to discredit or disrespect any martial artist/instructor or seasoned fighter

Fantasy Mindset and Scenarios

1. I have learnt techniques on how to disarm someone with a knife by martial arts experts

2. If confronted by an attacker with a knife my instructor told me to just run away.

3. The knife has been disarmed or the attacker has dropped the knife,  “I can use my BJJ skills to take him to the ground and take him out”.

4. “I can take him” Skilled Boxers, MMA fighters, Kick boxers, Krav Maga Instructors, Bodybuilders…

5. I have been trained by expert instructors in multiple attack scenarios, having been attacked with sticks and knives. “I can take these muppets on”


  1. Techniques are not the determining factor in a knife fight. Ruthless determination, the knowledge of how knife attacks happen and the ability to use an “everyday” object to defend yourself by far outweighs “techniques”
  2. Running away is not enough. recognising variables such as age and/or fitness level determine if you could outrun an attacker. Knowing to use objects in the immediate surroundings to impair your pursuant from continuing the chase. Understanding that running across a busy road to avoid getting hit by traffic you should follow a diagonal path. These and other crucial factors must be understood in order to safely out run a knife attacker.
  3. An attacker who knows what he is doing will always have a back up weapon hidden on his person.
  4. Never judge a person by appearances

The bulletproof black belt “Expert” Krav Maga Instructor

May have honed his skills expertly disarming multiple attackers with rubber knives and padded sticks.

Expertly disarms someone with a rubber knife, demonstrating that “wow” factor

This is even worse if the “attacker” has been compliant.

The humungous bodybuilder who looks like he could kill a bear with his hands

May be afraid of blood and cry if he nicks himself shaving.

The invincible guy dressed in combat gear who looks like he could survive in the wilderness living off the land

May live at home with his mother and have delicious meals cooked for him

The most unassuming character that just “blends in” with the crowd may be lethal with an edged weapon in his hand.

5. If confronted with two or more attackers who are armed and determined to use their choice of weapon, the chances of survival are minimal.

No one is immortal, irrespective of skill set, belt rank, fight record…

On a one to one situation with no weapons involved the skilled fighter/martial artist or instructor can and will annihilate most opponents.

On a one to one where an edged weapon is involved chances of survival are very small.

In a multiple attack street fight where weapons are involved, chances of survival are extremely unlikely. Here are just two possible outcomes; Being hit on the head with a claw hammer, being sliced multiple times with a machete.

Ask your instructor if he has ever been in a street fight where his life has been in mortal danger. Or if he has been confronted by an attacker or attackers with weapons.

There are too many instructors selling a dream. A dream that just might get someone killed…

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