At Guardian Defence our training is structured to simulate “Real life” street confrontations. Therefore, our training encompasses the following; Sparring (This includes one on one sparring, two/three on one sparring), stress inoculation drills, fighter conditioning and other fight focussed training.

As professional, qualified instructors we have a duty of care, and always prioritise the safety of our students. Part of our duty of care is to put in place regulations that all of our students must abide by.

The team also follow risk assessment procedures and always supervise students, particularly during contact sparring and stress inoculation drills.

We also have to ensure the training environment is free from any hazards.

Our training environment, at times, includes training outside.  Be assured that we have always risk assessed the training environments.

For your part, please always follow the rules as outlined below.

 Guardian Defence Sparring & Stress drill rules

  • Don’t go at 100% power.

Talk to your partner before starting the round and agree on how hard you’re going to spar.

  • Respect your training partners.

If you’re sparring with a beginner, it will be considerate of you to help advise and guide him/her when needed.

  • Leave your ego at the door.

By leaving your ego at the door, you will be able to focus on trying out new techniques and improving while helping your partner to improve.

  • Speak with your training partner to ensure he/she is safe from injury.

E.g. During a fighter conditioning drill, ask your partner if the contact you are applying is ok.

  • Always listen to your instructors directives.

This is for your and others safety. E.g. If your instructor shouts, “break” or “stop” you must do so immediately.

  • Be considerate of other people’s space.

In the event that you accidentally bump into someone, apologise and move to another area that has more space.

  • Have your protective gear on at all times. Gloves (Minimum 14oz), Mouth Guard, Groin Guard, Shin Guards.

Taking part in stress drills and Sparring is all about learning in a safe environment.

Please note that all of our Krav Maga Self Defence Classes and Courses are based in Manchester

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Provided security for high net worth clients. Successfully gained Krav Maga Instructor Certification in Israel. Studied and successfully passed Sports Science degree. Led expeditions in mountain, jungle and other inhospitable environments. Regularly update skills and knowledge base in different combat sports. Specialties: Krav Maga, Self Defence, Boxing, Fitness training, Nutrition and Diet. Undertake mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, fell running, orienteering, mountain biking.
All of our Krav Maga Self Defence Classes are based in Manchester