True Strength 

A lion does not use it’s strength indiscriminately. The lions strength is used to serve, protect and defend the pride.

True strength should not be used to exploit others, self defence skills should only be used to defeat the enemy.

The most important skill in self defence is the ability to think.

Fighting and combat skills are extremely important in the ability to defend yourself.

However, the true art of self defence is to avoid violence. This requires brainpower.  

The ability to differentiate between a “low threat” and a “high threat” is crucial.

Here are two examples of possible “low” and “high” threats.

  1. A person who is agitated because you parked in “his” space. As a result he starts shouting and posturing baiting for a fight.
  2. A career criminal who has just got out of prison for aggravated violence. He has set out on a night of violence for financial gain. He will ensure he moves with stealth and cunning. Hiding his true motives in public.

Common sense tells us that the “career criminal” is far more dangerous than a person is does not consciously leave the house to commit violence.

Self defence training must address these issues in order to escape potential situations of conflict alive.

To address theses issues this article will address the problem form the perspective of preemptive strategies.

These three words precisely sum up the essential objectives of what the concept of pre-emptive self-defense is all about.  These three objectives, the same objectives used to protect us from terrorist attacks, are as effective for personal self-protection as they are when used in protecting our country.

There are several steps you can take to make them work just as effectively for you.

Mental preparedness is an essential strategy. See my article on Jeff Coopers colour codes to find out more.

Adopting common sense “rules” is the first step to staying safe on the street.

Avoid walking alone in the early hours when few people are around. Don’t put on show expensive jewellery or an expensive watch. Wearing headphones with music blasting is a very bad idea.  

In reference to Coopers colour codes, if we wander around in “condition white” the chances of being able to recognise a threat is very slim.

How to recognise a threat.

In the mind of a seasoned attacker “An ambush is always better than a straight up confrontation”.

So, don’t wander into places that facilitate an ambush. If you do happen to wander into a “dodgy” area check your surroundings and avenues of escape. Also, be aware of obvious ambush areas.

If you find yourself in a situation where someone is “staring you out” Then its time to switch to “condition orange/red” 

A predator will scan a crowd of people in order to identify “victims” They are looking for “weaknesses” in people, in essence choosing a “soft target” so when the conflict happens the chances of overpowering their chosen victim is high and the chance of injury to themselves is low.

Predators can be opportunistic, searching for ambush points and escape paths so they evade capture.

The remedy to sinister predatory motives is pre-emptive self defence.

Firstly, if your “gut feeling” is telling you that something is wrong with a particular person than act on that feeling. Be proactive, let 

The person know you are on to them. Making eye contact with them, this lets them know you are aware of the potential danger they pose.

Walk positively and confidently, sending out signals that you are not an “easy target” We have already established that at this point you are in condition orange/red, so what happens next? Put simply, you have to stop a malicious action.

If you enter a confrontation the first course of action might be to say in a firm, authoritative voice something like, “what the f*ck do you want!”

The aggressor, may, at this point just walk away. But no matter what happens you have alerting those around you of a problem, (criminals do not want to draw attention to themselves) Secondly you have disrupted his OODA Loop. (See my article on this)

 If your questioning the aggressor has been unsuccessful then you need to adopt the “safe space pre-emptive process” 

This is something that Guardian Defence classes training week in and week out.

You will be constantly watching where his hands are and assessing your surroundings, scanning for objects that are useful in defending yourself and also scanning for escape points…

These skills can only be learnt in physical training scenarios. That is why Guardian Defence has not run any zoom classes.

In an age where violent crime is increasing, how can you not afford to invest your time in protecting yourself and your loved ones.

Come and train with us to find out more.

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