Beginnings are always the hardest part of any new journey. Whether it’s about personal health, self-defence, or even going to college or school for the first time, the first step is the toughest one to make. Krav Maga training for beginners may seem intimidating, but on the other hand, it’s also very exciting. Guardian Defence will stop at nothing to ignite the fire of inspiration in you from the beginning of your journey.

The Importance of the Right State of Mind

Personal fitness and physical training may sound like it’s all a matter of the body. But the mind and the body are inextricably connected—you can’t separate them. So if you want to train your body, the work starts with your mind.

The biggest mistake you can make when taking Krav Maga training for beginners is to think that you’re just getting into a body training program. The Krav Maga self-defence system treats the body and the mind as a comprehensive, co-operative unit. You can’t improve one without improving the other.

Our Programme for Beginners

One of the keys to dedicating yourself to any program long-term is finding a safe, inspiring environment. Guardian Defence Self Defence Centres are designed with this idea in mind, as they feature fully matted training rooms, fighter equipment, such as punch bags.

Since Krav Maga is a comprehensive self-defence system, every aspect must be taken into account. Remember that you’re not just improving your reflexes and strengthening your core, but you’re building a new lifestyle from the ground up. From your first day in Krav Maga training for beginners, you’ll find out what it feels like to be part of something whole and healthy.

You’re part of a team

Another scary thing about the prospect of Krav Maga training for beginners is the thought that you’ll be out there all alone. This couldn’t be further from the truth. We play better, we live better, and we train better as a team. Group training helps you realise that you’re part of something bigger than yourself and bigger than just a fitness program. This is your life, and it’s time to take control of it. Join the ranks of similar-minded people who are all dedicating themselves to restoring balance between the body and the mind, strengthening both.

With professional instructors and nutritional advice, the Krav Maga self-defence system is the holistic path to fearless self-improvement. Just think: soon you’ll be looking back on your first Krav Maga class and realising that it was the new beginning you had been waiting for.

Please note that all of our Krav Maga Self Defence Classes and Courses are based in Manchester

About Dave Kay

Provided security for high net worth clients. Successfully gained Krav Maga Instructor Certification in Israel. Studied and successfully passed Sports Science degree. Led expeditions in mountain, jungle and other inhospitable environments. Regularly update skills and knowledge base in different combat sports. Specialties: Krav Maga, Self Defence, Boxing, Fitness training, Nutrition and Diet. Undertake mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, fell running, orienteering, mountain biking.
All of our Krav Maga Self Defence Classes are based in Manchester