Self Defence Classes

Strengthen your body, challenge your mind, and learn how to protect yourself at a Guardian Defence training centre.

Our instructors provide the best real world Krav Maga self defence, high intensity fitness, and fight classes.

Professional qualified instructors

Guardian Defence certified instructors are held to the highest standards of Krav Maga Self Defence training and have proven themselves as top quality instructors. They are all UK government approved and registered.

Legitimate qualifications

In 2010 Dave Kay travelled to Israel and trained under Krav Maga legend Haim Gidon, where he earned his full instructor’s certification.

Many gyms offer Krav Maga self defence classes, but when you want to train under instructors and innovators in Self Defence & Krav Maga Guardian Defence is a trusted option.

Krav Maga Is for Everyone

Built on simple principles, instinctive movements, and practical techniques, Krav Maga is used by Special Forces around the world. To this day, it remains a favourite among police forces, military personnel, and anyone interested in making the transformation of a lifetime. That’s right, anyone.

Whether you want to take back your peace of mind, try a new workout, or get interested in a hobby that is fun and beneficial, Guardian Defence training is the answer.

The Programs We Offer

Our Krav Maga training curriculum has classes to fit every lifestyle and fitness level. It is designed to teach extremely effective self defence in the shortest time possible. You will receive hands on training, learn how to function through stress, and develop the skills to fight back and win in a self defence situation.

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About Dave Kay

Provided security for high net worth clients. Successfully gained Krav Maga Instructor Certification in Israel. Studied and successfully passed Sports Science degree. Led expeditions in mountain, jungle and other inhospitable environments. Regularly update skills and knowledge base in different combat sports. Specialties: Krav Maga, Self Defence, Boxing, Fitness training, Nutrition and Diet. Undertake mountaineering, ice climbing, rock climbing, skiing, fell running, orienteering, mountain biking.
All of our Krav Maga Self Defence Classes are based in Manchester